Chiara was full of life. A young girl with a gentle soul, who was making plans for her future. She accomplished many things in her young years. She spoke 3 languages, was an extraordinary athlete, a talented musician, an artist and a starring actor in a live theatrical performance. She excelled in school and worked hard at all that she did until…

September 2007, when she was only 15, Chiara´s life as she knew it slowly began a downwards neurological and physical spiral, that would eventually deprive her mind and body of all that she had lived and learned. Chiara´ s symptoms started with nightmares, sleepless nights and headaches. She would get lost and confused on the bus route coming home from her high school in grade 10 and ask for help from her schoolmates in finding her locker. There were little signs and a strange feeling that even she could not explain.

And so the journey began. Numerous admissions to various hospitals, a multitude of tests, blood samples being flown across the country for analysis, team after team of doctors trying to diagnose and find a cause. Chiara was taken to Germany, Italy, and many cities in the United States and still no answers. To this day we do not have a definitive diagnosis.

As a result of our research, we suspected Lyme disease and sent her blood sample in June 2008 to a specialty lab in the United States where she tested positive according to the CDC Centre for Disease Control. It seemed a logical answer knowing that she had travelled to a cottage in August 2007. However, even Lyme specialists had never seen such a dramatic cognitive decline. The problem with Lyme Disease is that it mimics so many illnesses and our Canadian medical system is not equipped to properly diagnose it due to inadequate testing and lack of knowledge. Still no definite answers.

We remain with this frustration and uncertainty without a diagnosis or support group to tap into. Despite the challenges, we choose to care for Chiara at home. Chiara is surrounded by love. Today her body is weak. She has been non-verbal and immobile for many years. She requires 24 hour care and suffers from seizures.

We relentlessly search for alternative treatments to help her mind and body heal with an emphasis on her comfort. With minimal home support services and constant financial demands, we strive to provide her with the best possible care, proper nutrition, specialized equipment and therapies.

In our hearts, we believe that anything is possible and we continue to pray for a miracle.

We are reaching out for your help and support. Your support could be a simple prayer for Chiara or a loving thought. Your help through a donation will allow us to access therapies, provide specialized equipment and contribute to her healing and quality of life. We appreciate any support. Thank you for your kindness.

With gratitude,

The Davide Family

Chiara Davide, struck by a mysterious and sudden illness seven years ago, was a perfectly healthy teenager beforehand. Her mother thinks Lyme disease is at least part of her daughter's downward spiral.
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"Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance."

- St. Francis of Assisi


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With gratitude,
F. Davide